POOFTA: An offensive term used to vilify gay men. When a harmless encounter leads to a tense confrontation, a trailblazer for the LGBTIAQ+ community tries to intervene. Homophobia, internalized homophobia, anxiety & fear play out in post marriage equality Australia.

Director Biography – Andrew Blogg

Andrew Blogg is screenwriter, film director and film educator based in Melbourne, Australia. His film career spans 20 years, with films screening globally. His debut documentary feature film, CAMP 32 (2015) premiered at The Cambodian International Film Festival in Phnom Penh. Andrew has created numerous film and television productions, educational programs, music and promotional videos. His recent short film entitled “POOFTA” (2022) marks his return to narrative filmmaking, with the script winning the Geelong Pride Film Festival LGBTIAQ+ Screenplay Commission prize in 2020. His desire to create this film came as a result of the debate that erupted during the marriage equality plebiscite/referendum in Australia in 2017. “POOFTA” has screened in numerous festivals both nationally and internationally, winning awards for direction and performance.


• DAMAGED: POOFTA is being developed into a 6 part web series entitled DAMAGED.

• IT’S A DRAG: a comedy/drama series that explores the lives of 3 drag queens as they prepare to perform. Each episode explores a different topic relating to LGBTIAQ+ cultural, political and community issues.

• ALPHABET PEOPLE: an 8 part anthology series that focus’ an artistic lens on a multi-protagonist mix of LGBTIAQ+ stories interweaving the everyday complex lives of people who just happen to be queer.

• THE HOOK-UP: A two-day conference in Sydney changes the lives of 2 married men. A complex story of unobtainable love.

Director Statement

I began writing “POOFTA” after same-sex marriage became legal in Australia in January 2018. After discussions with many of my LGBTIAQ+ friends and family, I felt that even though we had come a long way, many of the LGBTIAQ+ community, my community, were still struggling with the effects of trauma they had suffered throughout their lives. Many couples I know will not display affection publicly for fear of retribution. Many fear coming out at their work place. Many fear excommunication from family because of religious beliefs or conservative views. POOFTA is an amalgam of my friend’s stories and my own personal experiences.

Poofta | August 26, 2022 (United States)
Director: Andrew BloggWriter: Andrew BloggStars: Jason Cavanagh, Tim ClarkeSummary:


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Countries: AustraliaLanguages: English