When coming out of the thrift store isn’t all you do. A new coming-of-age queer film, The Out-Fit follows Emily, a costume-wearing 25-year-old, on her journey through change, love, and discovering one’s self.

Written by Australian, Jessica Rookeward. Our director, writer, DP, composer, and two actresses are Australian.

All actors are proud members of the LGBTQ family.


The Out-Fit Short, Comedy | August 31, 2021 (United States)
Director: Mathew YoungWriter: Jessica RookewardStars: Jessica Rookeward, Oscar Emmanuel Fabela, Tamiah BantumSummary: When coming out of the thrift store isn't all you do. Emily has worn costumes her entire life as Halloween was her father's favorite holiday. Her dad left Emily and her mom on Halloween. She believed if she wears them every day then maybe he will come back. Emily is is thrown into the deep end of life at full force. Will a new love interest make Emily finally change her ways and get her out of those costumes? A new coming of age, queer short film coming 2021.


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Countries: United StatesLanguages: English